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Who We Are

BRanD is a research and advisory strategic partner who helps companies build brands, innovate and drive profitable growth

Most companies do either research, strategic development or executional development. We are unique because we have expertise in all facets. Unlike most vendors, we are business practitioners who have been charged with leading brands…not just career consultants. We know how to translate insights into effective strategies and actions.

Our research is powered by Linescale, our proprietary, superior psychometric methodology that overcomes the limitations of traditional Likert scales. And, we have decades of diverse experience building brands and developing and launching breakthrough innovation. 

How We Help

  • Brand positioning & strategy
  • Customer identification & understanding 
  • End to end Innovation 
  • Package design validation
  • Messaging & communications development & validation
  • Loyalty program effectiveness
  • Website effectiveness
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Market and Brand assessment

About Us and Linescale

Linescale Research

Linescale identifies your competitive set, evaluates performance against that set and characterizes the drivers of performance of your brand, ad, concept, message, package, product and pricing within that behavioral competitive set.

  • Linescale is a Superior Psychometric Scale — We innovated the Likert Scale, the industry workhorse, to overcome its challenges. Even Rensis Likert recognized his scale's shortcomings later in life
  • Behavior Change Forecast — Superior psychometric scale allows prediction of marketplace performance. Preference over benchmarks show likely displacement of current behavior
  • System 1 AND System 2 Thinking— Intuitive Response, followed by Considered Response (Kahneman’s Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow)
  • Quantitative AND qualitative  — Each respondent is a remote self-contained test, a 1-on-1 dialogue, robust write-ins add rich perspective
  • Easily rate & discriminate many things —  Our methodology handles many ideas, messages and variables on a single scale, allowing respondents to rate and discriminate easily
  • People Enjoy Our Interviews – Engaging, no gamification needed. Respondents consistently rate each interview as easy, enjoyable and truly represents their opinion

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Christine Hade - Principal

  • Chris is C-Level Marketing Executive with expertise in food, health and wellness. She has held senior marketing and innovation leadership roles in CPG, direct to consumer, restaurant and ecommerce business models with public and private equity companies including South Beach Diet, Schwan’s Home Service, Lance Snacks, Tropicana, Kellogg, Morningstar Farms, Kashi, Olive Garden and LEGO. 
  • Throughout her career, Chris has focused on driving transformational change for brands, business models and organizational culture. She has accelerated growth of strong brands, turned around and resurrected distressed brands, acquired and integrated new brands. Chris knows first hand what it takes to build strategies and actionable roadmaps to inspire teams and unleash the power of brands.
  • She has conceptualized and launched a diverse range of new products and services, filling pipelines and building capabilities from scratch. While at Kellog she developed and launch Kashi frozen meals which transformed the category by bringing the first positive nutrition and culinary trend forward offering to market.  
  • Chris has a degree in finance from Bryant University and MBA in Marketing from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  

Larry Weiss - Principal

  • If you're the right age, you probably wore your Spiderman or Wonder Woman UNDEROOS while eating Cocoa Pebbles or Fruity Pebbles. Larry created and sold UNDEROOS  to Fruit of the Loom after creating both Flintstone's Cereals and Cycle Dog Food while managing the Post Cereal Business for General Foods.
  • At Citibank, he headed up worldwide R&D and led banking innovations including the first full-service ATMs and online banking products around the world. He developed 24-hour Automated Postal Centers for the US Postal Service and helped design Priceline’s bidding system.  
  • Linescale® was developed with the Harvard Business School as a better and faster brand insight and product development solution, and Larry continues to develop innovative applications of the Linescale System.
  • He advises and provides Linescale research for clients such as CVS, Aetna, Kraft/General Foods, Citibank, Chase, Priceline, the US Postal Service, Pitney Bowes, Lincoln Center, Jenny Craig, Simon & Schuster and Marriott Hotels International.
  • Larry has degrees in Philosophy and Psychology and Experimental Psychology.

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